Enhance Your GTA 5 Experience with San Andreas HD Graphics Modpack [1.8GB]


Game Info

Platform: Android

Genre: Action, Open World, GTA Games

Mode: Offline

Game Screenshot 

How To Install/Setup

Before we set up this game, you need two apps. ZArchiver Apk and CPU-Z APK(You can search and download them from this website or Google play store)
1. Open ZArchiver Apk and locate the game file you downloaded. 
2. Click on it and select Extract Here to extract. 
3. After Extraction, open the folder “com.rockstargames.gtasa” then click on files, then texdb folder.
4. You’ll see gta3, gta_int and txd folders. Open each of them and you will see some files with “Rename”
5. Open CPU-Z APK, check your phone’s GPU Renderer (We have 3 types of GPU) Mali, PowerVr and Adreno

6. Now go back to the GTA folder and Rename those files according to your phone’s GPU. 
Example, you’ll see a file like this, gta3.RENAME.dat (delete the RENAME and change it to gta3.pvr.dat if your phone’s GPU is PowerVr)
7. After RENAMING all files, go back to the com.rockstargames.gtasa folder and copy it to your Internal Storage/Android/data folder and then install the Apk file. 

If your device is;
Adreno GPU, change RENAME to: dxt
PowerVr GPU, change RENAME to: pvr
Mali GPU, change RENAME to: etc

Download Links 


Apk File – 51mb [MediaFire Link]
Data File – 1.75gb [MediaFire Link]

Data File – 539mb [MediaFire Link]

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