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Are you ready to explore an incredible opportunity to study in Mauritius? Known for its beautiful beaches and rich culture, Mauritius is quickly becoming a top choice for education. Let’s dive into the details of the prestigious Mauritius Government Scholarships 2024, which are designed for students from African Union and Commonwealth countries.

The Mauritius Government Scholarships 2024 cover a wide range of master’s programs across various disciplines offered by Mauritius Universities. How tempting is that?

If you’re worried about covering living expenses, fret not! These scholarships offer a monthly stipend of MUR 14,200 directly deposited into your Mauritian bank account, helping you manage your expenses. No worries, additional financial support is available for four weeks after your final exams in your last year of studies.

Not only does this scholarship cover your tuition, but it also helps out with living costs, and to top it off, it includes airfare to and from Mauritius at the beginning and end of your studies—sounds like an incredible deal, right?

Now, let’s talk eligibility. These scholarships are open to international students from any country (except Mauritius). Undergraduates between the ages of 18 and 26 years old (by January 1, 2025) are eligible, and for those applying to PhD programs, you should be under 40 by the same date. For undergraduates, a high school diploma with commendable grades is required, while MPhil/PhD applicants need an undergraduate degree. And don’t forget, proficiency in English is a must for non-native speakers. You can show this through TOEFL or IELTS scores.

Curious about the application process? Well, you can obtain the form from the Ministry of Education Mauritius website, choose your desired course from Higher Education Mauritius, complete the online application, and submit essential documents such as your birth certificate, educational certificates, medical certificate, and passport copy. Just remember, the deadline for online applications is April 19, 2024, and hard copies need to be sent by April 26, 2024.

In conclusion, the Mauritius Government Scholarships 2024 don’t just provide an educational opportunity; they offer a chance for students to immerse themselves in Mauritius’s vibrant culture. The benefits are substantial, and the application process is seamless – a perfect gateway to an exciting academic journey and a promising future in Mauritius.

Still have questions? Here are some FAQs:

– Who can apply?
Students from African Union and African Commonwealth countries, excluding Mauritius.

– What are the age limits for application?
For undergraduates, ages between 18 and 26 years old by January 1, 2025. For MPhil/PhD applicants, you should be under 40 by the same date.

– What educational qualifications are required?
Undergraduates need a high school diploma with good grades. MPhil/PhD applicants must hold an undergraduate degree and exhibit proficiency in English.

– Where can I find the application form and what are the steps to apply?
You can obtain the form from the Ministry of Education Mauritius website and select your preferred course. Follow the online application process and submit necessary documents.

– What is the deadline for application submission?
The online application deadline is April 19, 2024, with hard copies to be sent by April 26, 2024.

Ready to apply? Don’t wait—seize this opportunity to fulfill your educational dreams in Mauritius. Apply now!

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