‘Transportation key to Nigeria’s economic growth’

A prominent consultant engineer and former member of Anambra Vision 2070 under former Governor Willie Obiano, Chris Okoye, has urged for a comprehensive evaluation of Nigeria’s transportation sector. He stressed the pivotal role of the transportation sector in driving the economic growth of any nation, emphasizing that it cannot be overstated.

Okoye made these remarks at the 2023 Conference/Annual General Meeting and Third Fellowship Conferment Ceremony of the Nigerian Institution of Highway and Transportation Engineers (NIHTE), themed “Transportation and Road Sector Reform: Pathway To Economic Growth,” held at the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) Auditorium in Abuja on Friday.

During his speech on the topic “Reform of The Transportation Sector in Nigeria: Case for Sustainable Road Sector Financing,” Okoye argued that without a proper perspective on roads in Nigeria, the country will continue to lag behind in the global community. He highlighted the significance of road transportation, which constitutes 90 percent of the movement of goods and services across the country, as the backbone of Nigeria’s economy. Okoye also advocated for sustainable road funding and emphasized the need to view roads in terms of their economic value rather than just their social value.

He emphasized the close correlation between transportation sector development and the competitiveness of Nigeria’s national economy, pointing out that without a sustainable transportation sector, the country’s capacity to propel a productive economy will continue to face challenges. Okoye highlighted the major role of transport logistics in the cost of production and stressed the importance of managing and delivering the transportation sector to impact the country’s productive capacity in a sustainable manner.

Furthermore, Okoye expressed the need to outline innovative ways to impact and fund the road sector, to bring it in line with the standards found in most developed countries. In his conversation with the Nigerian Tribune, he emphasized the necessity of elevating the road sector to a platform similar to that of developed nations.

Additionally, at the event, seventy-one members of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) were conferred with the Fellowship of the Nigerian Institution of Highway and Transportation Engineers (NIHTE). This highlights the growing recognition of the significance of the transportation sector in Nigeria’s economic growth.

In conclusion, Okoye’s call for a critical review and reform of Nigeria’s transportation sector highlights the crucial role that transportation plays in driving economic growth. His emphasis on sustainable road financing and the need to view roads in terms of their economic value signifies the potential for significant improvements in Nigeria’s transportation sector.

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